Optimistic diplomacy’ is needed to solve Korean crisis

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Conservative MEP Nirj Deva is calling on the international community to use “optimistic diplomacy” to defuse tensions in the Korean Peninsula.

Speaking in the European Parliament today Mr Deva, who has met all sides in the current crisis over the past three years, said: “Violating UN Security Council resolutions will inevitably lead to sanctions. Yet, sanctions alone will not lead to denuclearisation. Sanctions must come with optimistic diplomacy.

“The EU’s security and prosperity is closely linked to peace in Asia. Together we urgently need to reduce the tensions in the Korean Peninsula.
“Optimistic diplomacy believes we all want peaceful coexistence and that we can begin to move towards our long term aim of denuclearisation.”

Although the Korean War ended 64 years ago, the armistice only brought hostilities to a temporary halt and Mr Deva has been working with the North and South Koreans, China, America and Japan to negotiate the long term peace treaty he believes could provide a way forward.

He said:  “It is in all of our interests that we succeed now after those before us failed 64 years ago. 

 “I intend to continue my efforts to act as a facilitator in the pursuit of a peace regime. I hope the EU will play its part in finally helping the Korean Peninsula into a post-conflict phase.”