Nirj Deva MEP on BBC Sunday Politics South East: A Brexit Party vote is a wasted vote!

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For over a decade I campaigned to give you a referendum on our membership of the EU.

That referendum was delivered, voted on, and decided. The people voted to leave. That is the will of the people, the will of our party, and the will of myself and my fellow Conservative candidates.

But now, with other parties seeking to sabotage the Brexit promise, I am not prepared to desert the cause. We cannot allow Brexit to fall at the final hurdle. Let’s get this done!

Vote Conservative 23rd May because:

  • Conservative MEPs are needed to get any deal the House of Commons approves through a final and deciding European Parliament vote
  • Conservatives MEPs can be counted on to continue to protect British interests in the EU until we leave
  • Only the Conservatives can get Brexit through the House of Commons. Labour and the LibDems continue to oppose and obstruct it

Vote Conservative on 23rd May to stop Labour:

  • Labour is the party of a second referendum; holding Brexit voters and the democratic process in contempt
  • Labour has no concrete alternative deal
  • A vote for the Brexit Party or Labour brings Corbyn closer to number 10

Vote Conservative on 23rd May and not the Brexit Party:

  • The so-called Brexit Party has zero representation in the House of Commons, a vote for them will not make any difference to Brexit
  • Voting against the governing party will weaken our own negotiating hand and enable Brussels to play divide and conquer

The Conservative Party has:

  • Secured the highest employment rate ever and lowest unemployment rate since 1975 Youth unemployment has been halved
  • Reduced the deficit to the lowest level in 17 years
  • Fostered manufacturing, which is growing at its fastest rate since 1988
  • Secured a decade-high UK wage growth

Only the Conservatives can deliver a strong post-Brexit future. We promise to:

  • Deliver Brexit and honour the people’s mandate
  • Safeguard British interests from further EU federalism
  • Continue the economic progress of the last nine years; the Conservative government has presided over one of the strongest growing economies in the developed world

Vote for your Conservative candidates on 23rd May so that we can carry the future Brexit deal through the European Parliament successfully and deliver for Britain!