Labour – Osamor is Talking Nonsense – It Must Be Prince Charles

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17/04/2018 – Speaking in Strasbourg, at the European Parliament, senior MEP, Nirj Deva responded to Kate Osamor MP´s assertion (Times 13th April), that Prince Charles should not succeed HM The Queen as Head of the Commonwealth,” as preposterous.

The Labour Shadow Development Secretary claims him undeserving of this role because he is “not level headed nor assertive nor thinks outside the box.”

Yet, all his life Prince Charles has sought to think inventively, founding the Prince’s Trust, which has created 125,000 entrepreneurs and new businesses in the UK, helping over 870,000 young people; something that the Commonwealth sorely needs if its member countries are to move to up to middle income level. He has consistently thought “out of the box,” when he pioneered campaigns against Climate Change, which the majority of Commonwealth countries are severely vulnerable to; at a time when these very words were not even in the popular lexicon – collecting international awards for his environmental activities including the Global Environment Award from the Harvard Centre, in 2007, the Friend of the Forest award, in March 2009, and in 2012, the Lifetime Achievement Green Award.

He cares deeply about issues such as the environment, architecture, inner-city renewal and basic quality of life; subjects which are of critical interest to the development of the Commonwealth. I was present when he received a standing ovation in the European Parliament, in February 2008, when he called for a “war against climate change”

His outspoken support for alternative medicines reflects his interest in ancient Hindu and Buddhist Ayurveda medicines and homeopathy; in a Commonwealth of 970 million Hindus and 50 million Buddhist. His extraordinary interest in encouraging the academic study of Islam and the Muslim world, as Patron of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies in a Commonwealth of 720 million Muslims and his stated desire to be the Defender of Faiths, encompassing the whole Commonwealth faith based family, are the very hallmarks of his universality.

I cannot think of any one better and more suitably qualified than Prince Charles to lead the Commonwealth in the 21st century.

We respectfully, but pointedly, suggest that Kate Osamor makes a more thorough study of the works of Prince Charles,m spanning nearly 50 years, before making further utterances.