About Me


Conservative Member of the European Parliament for the South East of England

“It is an honour to serve as one of the ten elected Members of the European Parliament for the beautiful South East of England region.

I was first elected to the European Parliament in 1999 and was re-elected in 2004 and 2009.  Prior to this, I was as a Member of the British Parliament and served as Parliamentary Private Secretary in the Scottish Office as a member of the Select Committees on the Parliamentary Ombudsman (1993-1997) and Education (1994-1996).  My full, extended biography can be found here.

There’s no doubt that we’re faced with new challenges across Europe. It’s my ambition to help the Conservatives establish an EU that looks outwards; to encourage expansion, and to deliver our manifesto commitments to ensure that we are in Europe, not run by Europe. To create a freer, less regulated Europe; a Europe more like Britain – open, accountable, entrepreneurial and tolerant – a new Europe that does less and does it better.

As the Spokesman for Overseas’ Development and Co-operation and Vice-Chairman of the European Parliament’s Development Committee, I work to ensure that EU funds are allocated to help the poorest people in the world.  Each day, I fight against inefficiencies and delays and for fraud to be eliminated.”


A Brief List of Nirj's


Youngest Deputy Lieutenant for the Lord Lieutenancy of London

Nirj is also the first Asian born person to hold the position


First non white Asian in British Government PPS

(Parliamentary Private Secretary)


Set up Friendship Groups in European Parliament with India & China

First MEP to do so (China in 1999, India in 2003).


UN Secretary General candidate

Nirj was nominated as a candidate for the post of Secretary-General of the UN


First non-white nominee for President of the European Parliament

Nirj was nominated by his own political group, the ECR


Chairman of the Parliamentary Delegation for the Korean Peninsula

Working on connecting the North & South, and denuclearising the North


First to draft a Peace Treaty for a denuclearised Korean Peninsula

Nirj is the first and only MEP or International politician to draft a Peace Treaty


First Asian Conservative MP to be elected 5 times consecutively

Having been elected as an MP in 1992, Nirj is the first and only Asian Conservative MP to be elected to office consecutively 5 times, serving for over 25 years.


First post colonial non white Asian elected to as a Conservative MP

Nirj became MP for Brentford & Isleworth with a majority of over 2,000


First Asian born British MEP to be elected to European Parliament

Nirj has served four consecutive terms as MEP for the South East of England


Co-Chair of European Parliament’s Delegation to the UN World Summit

Nirj chaired the delegation along with former French PM Michel Rocard


Elected VP of the European Parliament’s Development Committee

Nirj is chair of the group that has oversight and control of all EU spending in Asia


First non white MEP to be awarded MEP of the Year

Nirj won for his work on International Development by fellow MEPs


First MEP to to incorporate Property Rights into European Union Law

Nirj worked to obtain property rights in his work on International Development


First MEP to incorporate into EU Law grant aid as leveraged funds

Nirj achieved partnerships with the Private Sector to turn Aid into Investments


For a full breakdown of Nirj’s illustrious career to date, click here to download his CV.

Throughout his career in British and European politics, Nirj Deva has helped those in need all over the globe.

As the first non-white Conservative MP, and the first Asian born MEP, Nirj’s very position has helped pave the way for present and future generations of BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic) politicians. He has also led charitable initiatives all over Asia and Africa, using his position within the UK and European parliaments to bring opportunities and advantages to those who would otherwise lack them

Nirj Deva was born in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) to a business and political family. His grandfather was a Senator in the first independent Parliament and one of Sri Lanka’s most prominent businessmen . He was educated in England with a Degree in Aero Engineering, with a Post Graduate Research Fellowship in Economics. He is a Politician and a Businessman with a wide portfolio of business experience. Nirj Deva is married to Indra, with one step son. He inherited companies in Sri Lanka and serves as a non-executive Director. Indra Deva is Patron of Hope for Children of Belgium.

In 1999 Nirj Deva broke the mould of European politics by being the first Asian born MEP elected to the European Parliament, showcasing the UK for her inclusiveness and has served for four consecutive terms  as a MEP for Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Sussex, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire representing 7 million people in the richest part of the EU. He has spent over 25 years serving Britain in Public Services; specifically on Trade, Consumer Affairs, Scottish Affairs, Foreign Affairs, International Development and Humanitarian Aid.